Families are an important source of security, protection and emotional support and nurturing. Even animals have been shown to value the advantages of that they receive from belonging to a family. Having a strong and supportive family is, according to many studies, crucial to a stable and proper human development. Children need healthy family relationship in order to improve their mental and emotional growth. Here are some of the top reasons why a healthy family is necessary.

Value Development

Most people associate the presence of families with the idea of role models and the development of a moral compass. Children learn from the people around them. Observing and learning from what the adults in their world say and do give children a sense of what is right and what is wrong. A strong and consistent set of family values that is built on healthy family relationships is essential during this stage. Children who are taught with a firm foundation develop a good sense of moral character later on in life.


Healthy family relationships encourage each member to become more independent and self-sufficient. Parents can provide their children with the necessary guidance that promotes independence as the latter grow and mature. Autonomy not only builds a child confidence, it also helps him develop essential problem solving skills that he will carry with him as he builds relationships with other people outside of the family. A child belonging to a healthy family will not only feel self-confident, he will also feel secure enough to disagree with the other members of the family while still encouraging the expression of individual opinions and viewpoints.

Community Building

Research shows that children who belong to healthy families are more likely to adapt well to school, have better social skills, and have higher self-esteem. Parents realize the importance of community involvement and partnerships with key institutions such as schools, community groups, and government agencies to share and maximize resources which will help the proper growth and development of their children. Children who come from families with healthy relationships develop healthy behaviors that are an asset to the community and promote the betterment of other families in the same community.

About The Author

Burnell C Sicard is the current chair of the Flemish Association for Family Science. He is a former political science professor at two of the top universities in the country. He is an advocate for civic literacy and free enterprise initiatives. He has also published numerous articles on fertility, education, parenthood, and the prevention of marital distress and divorce.